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Camber Plates


Camber plate with 0 to -2,5 degree adjustment.

Sold as a pair.

Porsche 924

Porsche 944 / S / S2 / Turbo

Porsche 968

384,13 €
(476,32 €, Incl. VAT)

A-arm bushing, front. One set for one a-arm.

Porsche 911 ’68-89

57,80 €
(71,67 €, Incl. VAT)

Spring plate bushing set.

Porsche 911 '69-89

124,12 €
(153,91 €, Incl. VAT)

Toe Control Arm


9products adjustable toe control arm pair.

Our toe arms are the most reliable adjustable toe control arms on the market. There are many advantages compared to other similar items on the market. We use extremely strong 7075 aluminum, Crmo and stainless steel in construction together with high-end motorsport rod ends. The parts are plated to have a good corrosion resistance. Our toe control arms are always equipped with dust boots so the bearings will last long used either on track or street.

Porsche 996 C2 / C4 / Turbo ’98-04

Porsche 996 GT2 / GT3

Porsche 997 C2 / C4 / C4S / Turbo

Porsche 997 GT3

636,65 €
(789,45 €, Incl. VAT)

9products engine / gearbox solid mounts are great for both street and racing. A common problem with the original soft rubber mounts – especially in racing – is the difficulty in changing the gears properly. 9products solid mounts stabilize the car and makes the gear changing smooth by firmly mounting the engine and transmission to a chassis. The material is 6082 aluminum. The mounts are plated to be highly corrosion resistant and they would last forever even in professional racing conditions.

Porsche 911 ’65-89

148,73 €
(184,43 €, Incl. VAT)

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