Coolant Pipe Upgrade Kit
  • Coolant Pipe Upgrade Kit
  • Coolant Pipe Upgrade Kit
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Coolant pipe upgrade kit. The kit includes ALL the inlet/outlet pipes used in the Mezger engine. All the competitor's sets does not included all needed pipes.

It's commonly known that the thin walled aluminum inlet/outlet pipes in Mezger engine would get loose and the used adhesive would crack which causes a catastophical failure. In some instructions is recommended to pin the original pipes or weld. We have found out that welding the tubes to the cast aluminum block would not be a leak proof as the aluminum includes so much inpurities which makes a good welding inpossible. Pinning the original pipes is not a professional way to fix the problem.

Our solution is precision CNC-machined pipes with just the correct diameter for factory machined blocks. The 9products pipes are glued with the instructed adhesive and procedure and press fitted to the blocks which would give you the best end result to prevent any leaking in the water system.

This item is considered preventative maintenance and should be installed on all 997 Turbo (2007-2009), 997 GT2 (2008) and 997 GT2RS models.


Porsche 997 Turbo

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